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D.Gray-Man_Awards @ LJ

Protecting Icon Innocence

The Original D.Gray-Man Icontest
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THIS COMM IS CLOSED! Please head over to dgray_icontest!

Welcome to dgray_awards, LJ's first D.Gray-Man Icontest. The community saw through over 100 challenges to iconers of the D.Gray-Man following, but after a year of inactivity had closed down for good. The community remains here for now, locked to new posts, but still visible so that the hard work of the iconers of old can still be found. Take some time to look around the posts if you wish, and be sure to credit any icons you might find and use.

This community was founded by guan and soifon. It was modded by snm_queen following their departure, and kiarae29 was a mod for a short time as well. The community was closed on April 20, 2009.

Community setup is still listed below, for anyone who might be interested to see how this icontest ran.

dgray_awards ran a three-tiered weekly icontest. The three themes, posted every Friday night, were as follows:

General Theme:
A theme will be provided, either something broad like happiness or a single word like fighter or a technical challenge, and you will need to construct an icon that best represents that theme whether it be through the image or text used in the icon.

Lyrical Theme:
The lyrics to a song will be posted. Use at least three consecutive words but make sure the lyrics are the only text on the icon.

Image Theme:
An image -- screencap, black and white or colored manga scan, official artwork -- will be provided for you. Color, brush, crop, and animate the icon however you want, but the only image used should be the one provided.

Explaination kindly borrowed from bleach_icontest

Icons were to be submitted by commenting on the screened Week #: SUBMIT post and in the following format:

Theme: General/Lyrical/Image

Icon by snm_queen

Submission time ran from Saturday of that week to the next Saturday, thus giving all participants a whole week's time. Voting would then take place from Saturday morning to Sunday night and winners are posted thereafter. Specific times would be posted in each post (i.e. xxAM).


Voters would post a comment stating their top three choices as a comment to the voting post. If there were twelve icons or more, there would be voting for a special category as well. The special categories used in this icontest were as follows:

Most Creative: The icon that shows the most originality from the others through its cropping, blending, captioning, or typography, etc.

Most Emotional: The icon that has the biggest emotional impact on the viewer compared to the other icons. The image and/or text is very well chosen and evokes any strong feeling.

Best Adaptation: The icon that represents the its chosen theme (be it General, Image. or Lyrical) the best through both the selected image and text.

Best Caption: The icon that has the best text content. This means the words' actual meaning matches the icon well. This can be well-chosen lyrics, a good phrase, or even a single, effective word. Don't confuse this with Best Typography!

Best Color: The icon that stands out from the rest color-wise. It has the most effective use of color, whether it's faded, vivid, monotone, or duotone, etc.

Best Cropping: The icon that has the best placement and focus of image through the discarding of extraneous material.

Best Typography: The icon with the best treatment of text regardless of text content. This applies to the physical appearance of the words on the icon and can include good use of dingbats. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography. Do not confuse this with Best Caption!

After voting ends, the votes will be talied and posted in a post titled Week #: WINNERS and banners will be made for all the winners who leave a comment requesting one.

B A N N E R * M A K E R S

Any banners that were not completed before the communities closing should be submitted elsewhere.