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And it is over.
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THIS COMM HAS BEEN LOCKED! Please head over to dgray_icontest!

week 103 banners
qi >> smarties

First of all, I owe everyone here a huge apology. I know this is horribly, ridiculously late, but RL and family had held me up (reasons too personal emo to say) and things have only just gotten calm. I'm sure you've probably gone to other comms to get banners, and I wouldn't blame you. But anyway, here are the banners for rezzu j3tfire and tearings

over here!Collapse )

Week 106: Banner call
detective conan || EQ is my homeboy
Paging minayuurei, jushira and j3tfire!

Yoyoi~!Collapse )

Week 96: Banners
d.grayman ↔ woof
shishou_fuuin, darkenedsakura & kiarae29~~

Not ded yet!Collapse )

Banners for Week 108
☆ saudade upon the windowpanes ☆
Here are banners for xxxholicxxxminayuureiand j3tfire=D 


Week 109: Reminder + Small Extension
Argh, sorry for the lateness, finals are killing me and as a result we have a small extension right off the bat so please please please please try to enter, although I suspect it's doing much the same to everyone else. D': This is your late weekly reminder letting you know that you now have until SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 at 11:00 A.M. EST to submit your icons for this week's themes. We currently have only TWO icons so please, please submit an entry or two so that we can still hold voting this week! And time to break out the annoying tags again~


Week 108: Winners
DGM; 1
W00t, lots of voters this week, I hope it keeps up! Thanks to those who participated and a special congratulations to our winners!

Now those memories come back to haunt meCollapse )

If you would like a banner, please leave a comment specifically saying so. This week's banner maker is jushira and she will have them up as soon as her schedule allows.

phoichique - Week 96
darkenedsakura - Week 99
snm_queen - Week 100-101

Week 109 is too sexy for its shirt, too sexy for its shirt, so sexy it hurts~♫ Bring on teh hawt bods!! >Db

Week 109: Submit
DGM; 3
General Theme


Open for interpretation, feel free to express the theme through text (HERE is a list of synonyms, use variant forms of the word, etc.) or imagery (NEKKID BODIES!! Well, c'mon! Almost all the exorcists have had their clothes torn up at some point in the manga so...uh, just a thought? 8D;) or however else you see fit. Be as creative as you wish and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Lyrical Theme:

You must use at least 3 consecutive words from the provided lyrics.

Love Will Come Through by TravisCollapse )

Image Theme:

You may crop any part of this picture and apply any effects to make it into an icon but it must be the only image used.

Ch. 94 Cover; Hungry Allen and Tired KandaCollapse )

Please submit signed into your account in this form:

Notes: Extra information you would like to add [i. e. brushes/textures credit, etc.]

You may submit up to 2 icons but they must be from different themes. The deadline for submission is SATURDAY, December 15 at 11:00 A.M. EST SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 at 11:00 A.M. EST If I am late with posting the voting, then late entries will be accepted.

Suggest a theme, right here!

Week 108: Voting
WHAT'S THIS. ON TIME?? The world is coming to an end. We have 09 lovely icons to vote on this week! All abled members, vote, if you can, whether you submitted an icon or not, as the more votes we receive ensures more accurate results. Thank you to everyone who submitted and good luck!

You are safe here you knowCollapse )

Please vote for your favorite three icons in order of preference by commenting to this screened post. Please note that each icon should only be voted ONCE. Please remember that you cannot vote for your own icon! A re-vote will be asked if you do so. You may submit your votes in the following formats under this screened post:

First: 46
Second: 91
Third: 23


46, 91, 23

Voting ends Sunday, December 9 at 9:00 PM EST.

Week 108: Reminder
DGM; 5

Emo Chibi Allen wishes for world peace, his cookies back prz and most of all, moar icons!! TWO icons is unfortunately not enough to thwart the Earl hold voting. You have until SATURDAY, December 8 at 11:30 A.M. EST to submit your icons for this week's themes. Help bring a smile back to Allen's face!



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